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Great Coaches Get It!

In this workshop, Dr. McMillan empowers anyone in a leadership or coaching position to use century-old strategies borrowed from athletic coaches to build personal and team efficacy in the workplace. These powerful moves will help your company or organization build camaraderie around the collective belief that your team can function at a high level.

Social Emotional Learning

In this course, learners will be introduced to the social emotional competencies developed by CASEL, participate in constructive conversations and activities around the core SEL competencies, and apply the TREC approach to lifelike scenarios where they make critical decisions in interactive experiences.

Creating a Short Documentary Film with Young Moviemakers of America (YMA)

In this course, learners will learn the basics of fillmmaking by creating writing, producing, and editing their owns films using devices such as low cost digital cameras and smart phones. This course in developed in conjunction with Young Moviemakers of America and designed for ages 9+.

Writing the First Draft of Your Memoir in 60 Days - (Coming Soon)

In this course, learners will learn how to develop their inner voice, outline a personal story, and write the first draft of a memoir by following simple steps. In this one of a kind experience, participants will leave this course with a completed first draft and a plan to publish and release their book.

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Meet Our QuestVersity Team

Dr. DuBois "Teddy" McMillan


DuBois Teddy McMillan, an instructional designer with over 25 years of experience in education. He has conducted extensive research on intrinsic motivation for learning and self-efficacy in OST (out of school time) programs. He is also a writer, historian, former college athlete, youth coach, and administrator of athletics. He developed the TREC (thinking-respect-empathy-compassion) approach to help others use a research-based strategy that fosters positive relationships and deeper learning.

Imani McMillan

VP - Operations

Dominique McMillan

Vice President

Dominique McMillan, a former civil engineer and director of the MESA program at California State University Los Angeles, has over 20 years of experience working with children in the pre-K environment, and has done extensive work in helping parents build resilience and become more informed on the Five Protector Factors. Her most recent work is around helping districts build STEM programs for the pre-K population.

Moon McMillan

VP - Marketing

Who are we?

We are an instructional design company that develops engaging online courses, publishes books, and conduct trainings on various topics impacting our world.

We are unique in that all of our trainings are created so that learners “learn by doing”, reflect on experiences, and connect with others vicariously through similar experiences that are personal to them.

Learners engage intellectually, emotionally, and socially through activities that encourage collaboration. Course deliverables are evidence of student’s mastery of course goals.

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